How to Highlight Art Photographs in Your Interior Decor

You have just bought a new art photograph on Art Studio Lavigne and want to highlight it in your home. Here are a few simple tips that will help you do that:

Choose the right frame

Choose a frame that fits the style of the selected photograph and your interior decor.

Place the frame at the right height

The best height to hang your frames is at eye level. Hanging your photographs at eye level will directly draw the attention to the photograph.

If you have decided to create a mosaic, make sure to place your center piece at this height.

Choose the right wall

Try, if possible, to hang your photographs on a plain wall. This can be a white wall, but coloured walls are also a very good option. They will add depth to the photograph.

If the photograph you want to highlight is a colour photograph or a photograph with very vivid colours, be careful the colour of the wall you wish to hang it on matches the photograph.

Add light

This option is less easy to put into place and more onerous, but it will allow you to really highlight your artwork. A lot of interior decor shops and brands offer different lighting options for frames, which will help make your photographs the center of your decor.