September 20 - January 20

« The Avenue of the Stars » at Bercy Village (Laurent Pons, Star Wars)

The artist Laurent Pons takes great pleasure in staging the amazing spaceships and characters from the first trilogy in his photographs of Paris, and sharing a selection of 30 pieces on the walls of Bercy Village.

Bercy Village falls to the dark side of the force and allows passersby to discover a surprising exhibition around the iconic Star Wars saga.

Laurent Pons brings Star Wars to the heart of Paris

Thanks to his passion and talent, the Parisian photographer Laurent Pons puts his own spin on the Star Wars universe by placing models and replicas from the saga in the real world. His series implants the world imagined by Georges Lucas in a modern Paris. Between photography and graphic design, the artist breaks down boundaries between cinema and reality, and creates a surreal atmosphere, that drags us to a very distant galaxy.

“Like a lot of people from my generation, I grew up with the Star Wars films, and its natural that I wanted to share this passion with my own son. I started to give him Star Wars spaceships and we took pleasure repainting them together, trying to reproduce that famous patina, typical of the universe of the first trilogy. I then set and shot my son’s replicas depending on my surroundings, in the best playground I could have: Paris. With the help of Photoshop, I then created original images without trying to preserve the cinematographic context of the subjects I staged, to be able to create an aesthetic, an atmosphere.” Laurent Pons.