Creating a wall mosaic

Artwork is the final touch we add to our interior decor. Making sure all pieces go together is an important step. Creating a photo mosaic is the best option for art photography lovers. Discover our tips to create your own mosaic at home.

Photo mosaics are a simple way to enliven and decorate a wall, while showing your artistic taste. However, there are a few guidelines to follow in order to make your display harmonious.

1. Find pieces that work together

To be sure to create a nice mosaic, start by defining a common element for all pieces. An element that will connect all pieces together. This can be a colour, for instance you can decide to only choose black and white photographs, or a certain style like wildlife photographs or a selection of portraits.

2. Define the size of your mosaic

Once you have a general idea of what style you want for your mosaic, it is important to define its size. It can cover an entire wall or only a specific part. If you are creating your first photo mosaic it is best to start small. You can then add to it bit by bit to make it bigger with time.

3. Choose the size of the artwork

For the size of the pieces you have two choices. You can choose to have pieces of different sizes, or choose pieces of the same size for a more symmetric mosaic.

4. Choose the right frames

Like the sizes of the photographs you have chosen, you are free to chose which style of frames you want. However, classic frames and floating frames are more appropriate than alu-dibond frames for photo mosaics.

You can chose one style of frame for all your pieces, or on the contrary chose different styles of frames to add texture and style to your mosaic. To make sure your mosaic is harmonious try to stick to only two different colours maximum for your frames.

5. Creating the mosaic

Before fixing your mosaic on the wall, try out the disposition on the floor. Place the framed pictures the way you want to place them on the wall to make sure they all go together and will fit on your wall.

If you want a non-symmetrical mosaic, start by choosing a central piece and work around it. Play around with the photos until you find a disposition that you like.

6. Finalize details

For your mosaic to look perfect, define the same spacing between each frame. This will give a sleek and professional look to your photo mosaic.

Additional touches

Enliven your composition by adding different elements to it, like one or two mirrors, paintings, quotes, 3D elements or even your own photographs.