Artist portrait – Philippe Cabanel

His childhood dreams, reading Kipling and Matthiessen as well as meeting wildlife photographers have naturally pushed Philippe Cabanel towards photography.

He will take his first wildlife photographs while taking part in trekking expeditions as an emergency doctor in the Asian mountains and the Himalaya.

His passion for wildlife photography then grew during a canoe trip along the Zambezi river, in Africa, which was his first encounter with the African wildlife. Will follow the landing on the Kodiak Isle in Alaska and the fascinating discovery of grizzly bears.

For him technique is secondary, what is important is the eye and the sensitivity of the photographer. While taking photographs, observation is a unique and intense moment that should be cherished.

Solitary by nature while taking photos, Philippe Cabanel takes great joy in sharing his experiences, projects and pictures. For him, images should serve to witness events, educate and be shared to show the beauty, wealth and especially the fragility of wildlife exposed to the reductions of territories, pollution and poaching. The photographer thinks that safeguarding the planet can be helped by sharing the beauty of the world through breathtaking photographs, as well as thought provoking images.

On Art Studio Lavigne you can discover three of his most beautiful photos, taken in Norway and the United States.