Artist portrait – Laurent Roch

Born in the 70s, Laurent Roch is a Parisian self-taught photographer.

The photographer starts to develop his artistic eye through cinema, by watching a lot of films, and then by visiting exhibitions and collecting books from photographers he feels artistically close to such as Koudelka, Gibson, Winogrand, Cartier-Bresson, Eggleston or Soth.

Paying attention to details, the photographer likes to capture trivial life moments in which he constantly looks for balance and harmony. For him, ordinariness isn’t insignificant, we can always find a certain form of contentment and visual delight in it.

Laurent Roch’s work is based around urban landscapes and ordinary life moments, capturing instants of life that reveal our routine. Among his artwork we can find travel photographs, witnessing the different lifestyles around the world and atypical landscapes, like his photographs taken during a trip to Japan.

It is said about his artwork that it is wistful or nostalgic, for him, this can be explained by the fact that he might be in a constant form of regret of time passing by.

On Art Studio Lavigne, you can find a selection of travel photographs, depicting urban landscapes from New York, Japan and France.