Rina Barbieri

location Milan, Italy

The passion for photography has always been part of Rina Barbieri’s life. In 2013, she finally finds free time and starts giving life to her projects. And it was with a lot of frenzy that she photographed everything that was happening in front of her lens, leaving free rein to her thirst for discovery.


Among the different experiences encountered, she was very quickly attracted by macrophotography. One day with her Macro lens she intended to watch the flowers on the terrace after a rainy day, looking into the viewfinder of the camera, she noticed that a myriad of drops had formed on the petals, which from then on opened a new world to her. A world she never met or perceived with a naked eye and which made her happy like a child in front of a box full of sweets.


La Goutte d’eau

À partir de 150,00

Perles d’Eau

À partir de 30,00

Le Bel argus

À partir de 30,00

Duvet des chardons

À partir de 300,00

L’Escargot et la fleur

À partir de 30,00