Rémi Garcia

location France

Rémi’s fascination with Nature goes back to childhood. Growing up in French Guiana and then traveling to destinations such as New Caledonia, the West Indies, Mexico … all this helped to bring him even closer to Nature. And if there is anything that traveling has taught him, it’s that no matter where you are, Nature is everywhere, all around us. You do not need to fly thousands of miles to marvel at the beauties of Nature.


Most of his photographic work is oriented towards Nature and Wildlife, and goes hand in hand with a deep respect for species and important ethical values. The photographer shows the world under a very particular eye, as he sees it and feels it, but he must always present and transmit the scenes closer to reality.


La Spirale verte

À partir de 400,00

Papillon en Provence

À partir de 200,00

Flamant rose

À partir de 60,00

Le Colibri

À partir de 30,00