Philippe Cabanel


Philippe’s first photographic film experiments began around the age of 30, first exploring wild territories in Asia, and Himalaya where it all started with trekking and also as a mountain expedition doctor, since originally, he is a doctor-resuscitator. His childhood dreams, his readings of Kipling and Matthiessen among others, and his encounters with photographers, observers of free and wild fauna naturally led him to nature photography.


More than illustrative photos, he seeks and privileges an aesthetic and soft approach. He thinks that saving the planet requires sharing the beauty of the world as much as the shocking images that invade us every day. Both have an impact, but he’s leaning towards the first. Philippe hopes that this sharing will make it possible to realize the fragility of our Earth’s biodiversity and that it is urgent to react and act.


Coyotes de Yellowstone

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L’ours et la banquise

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L’ours blanc

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