Léo Gayola


Since Léo was young, he has sought his inspiration in nature. During studies in the protection of the environment, he became aware of the beauty of nature and this inexhaustible source of inspiration, he then decided to put all his savings in a digital box and go live in the mountains of Hautes-Alpes.


Nature photography allows him to discover things beyond even his imagination and to understand the close relationships of the living in which we find ourselves carried away. Understanding the environment and the interactions between living things is an integral part of his vision of photography and the story behind the image is as important to him as the image itself.


Libellule au crépuscule

À partir de 200,00

Libellule azur

À partir de 200,00

Le Bel argus bleu

À partir de 250,00

Le Chardonneret élégant

À partir de 45,00

La Nuit de la libellule

À partir de 250,00

Fôret jaune

À partir de 400,00

Libellule en lumière

À partir de 200,00

Libellule bleue

À partir de 200,00